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I just came upon Jennifer Smithwell's amazing work a week ago and already I am an owner! I bought the Toronto Island (Ward Island) painting and took possession today. It feels like Christmas. Every time I look at the painting, I break into a smile. So sunny and happy! It has already found a place in my heart: it reflects a Beach summer so well!
Sandy MacDonald - 30 Jan 2015
Hello. I collaborate with the Mentana’s Art Gallery of Florence (Italy), curated by Giovanna Laura Adreani. I’ve seen some of your beautiful artworks on your website, and I would like to offer you the possibility of exhibit your work in our installations in Florence. Our gallery would be pleased to collaborate with you in our next international exhibition “Contempor-Art”
Juan A. Herrero - 11 Jan 2015
enjoyed "Leuty at Night" Very atmospheric!
Charles Weiss - 22 Apr 2014
Wonderful Work!
Brooklyn Wang - 22 Apr 2014
jennifer, it is a true joy to travel through your gallery to behold the many familiar and unique scenes you have created. My Favourites are the boardwalk, hazy beach, firehouse and red rocket. you create a wonderfully joyful & relaxed flavour with great colours and perspective. I especially like your people.........in the park, on the beach, on a bike. wonderful!
Steven Hunter - 5 Apr 2014
Your paintings are very colourful .. sunny.. cheerful. I love your sense of colour and loose brushstroke..the light seems to flicker and dance. One of my favorites is the Island Cottage. Good luck in your show. It is a beautiful sunny day ..bright and cheerful, just like your paintings.
Marilyn Smith - 5 Apr 2014
Jennifer, I have four of your paintings in my home and one which I have recently commissioned you to do. I'm starting to feel that it isn't appropriate to own so many paintings from one artist. The problem is that no other artist has captured my admiration and love of art as you have done. I'm addicted and loving it. Guests in my home generally feel the same way. Faye
Faye E. Mcwatt - 5 Apr 2014
Hey! Jennifer Smithwell I was just at the Bluffs Gallery. Good looking paintings. I enjoy the contrast of complimentary colours. Looks like some were painted on the spot near the Beach in Toronto, Ontario. I enjoyed the variety of paintings. I like the silouetted bicyclist on the boardwalk.
Charles Weiss - 5 Apr 2014
Hi Jennifer - nice to take a tour of your website. Love the Red Rocket, also the Bike Trail and Boardwalk, currently on exhibit in The Bluffs Gallery. So nice to keep our wonderful city captured on canvas
Susan Dimitakopoulos , Scarborough Arts Council - 5 Apr 2014
The paintings of streetcars, iconic images of Toronto, really suit your style and vibrant use of colour.
Ted yao - 5 Apr 2014
Hello Ms. Smithwell: I'm inquiring on behalf of the Toronto Public Library about the availability and pricing of a painting listed on your web site. A reply at your earliest convenience would be appreciated.
Alan Walker, Special Collections, Toronto Public Library - 5 Apr 2014
My wife and I saw your work this last sunday. Awesome ,wonderful keep it up .
Ivan Schneider - 5 Apr 2014
Jennifer's work perfectly captures the spirit and vibe of the Beach!
Tayce Wakefield - 5 Apr 2014
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